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College and Career Fair



Every year, more than 30,000 students graduate from various secondary schools across the country with many seeking to further their education both locally and internationally.

The event will facilitate interactions between students and admission representatives, employment agencies and business entities from a wide range of postsecondary institutions and business areas. These interactions will afford you the opportunity to discuss course offerings, admission requirements, transitioning to the world of work and other pertinent information.


We are excited to partner with Republic Bank Limited and The Yearbook Company in offering you a forum where you can acquire relevant information about the world of work and study.

If you are a potential exhibitor please click on our registration link for downloadable forms for registration, guidelines and much more.


Students please note that pre-registration for our seminars will begin on January 1st 2012. You can also win great prizes by also pre-registering* for the event. Simply, click on the Student /Visitor pre-registration link; there are lots of cool prizes to be won including Blackberry phones, top-up cards, and much more!

So book those dates now in your calendar and keep on checking our website for pre-event giveaways.

*By pre –registering, you can save yourself lots of time filling out forms at the various booths (unless of course they have some of those great giveaways we mentioned earlier).


If you would like to be a Sponsor contact us

If you want to register click here.

For Exhibition Information click here.

For a layout of the venue click here.

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